Request flight status

To request information, please send the flight number including all letters and digits (example: XYZ123)

by email message to:

Powerfully simple.

AeroStatus lets you track departures, arrivals and delays, with just a simple text message (SMS).

With the press of a few keys on your phone, you have the power to track any flight in the world, free of charge. But the best thing is how simple AeroStatus is to use.

Select your language

AeroStatus provides free flight status information in multiple languages:

0 – English 5 – Italiano
1 – Español 6 – Русский *
2 – Français 7 – Ελληνικά *
3 – Português 8 – 中文 *
4 – Deutsch 9 – 日本語 *

To select your language, just send a message with the number corresponding to the language of your choice, to the AeroStatus number. If your language isn’t listed, let us know and we’ll work on adding it.

Requesting a single, current status message about a flight

To receive the current status of a flight, without receiving automatic subsequent updates, simply send a text message (SMS) or email with the flight number, including all letters and digits (for example: XYZ123) to AeroStatus. You will receive a message outlining all the flight details shortly.

Requesting the current status with further updates

To receive current flight information and subscribe to receive all further updates or changes to the flight time (including delays, change in expected arrival time, and confirmation of landing) simply send a text message (SMS) with the flight number along with a question mark to Aerostatus (for example: XYZ123?). You will receive a message with the current information about the flight and any subsequent updates until the completion of the flight:

  • if there is a delay in the departure of the flight, you will receive an update
  • as soon as the flight departs, you will receive a message confirming the time of departure and the most recent estimated time of arrival
  • once the flight arrives, you will receive your final update, confirming the time it landed.

Requesting information about a future flight

To request information about a flight that departs in the future (up to 3 days in advance) you can send a request with the flight number and the date in format Day.Month or Day/Month (for example: XYZ123 22.07 or XYZ123 22/07).
You can request this information with automatic subsequent updates by adding a question mark to the end of the flight number (for example: XYZ123? 22.07 or XYZ123? 22/07).

Cancelling subscriptions to status updates

If you don’t want to receive status updates you’ve previously subscribed to, you can cancel them by sending a messages with the word STOP.

* Customers of some mobile phone operators will not be able to receive information from AeroStatus in these languages.