Request flight status

To request information, please send the flight number including all letters and digits (example: XYZ123)

by email message to:

Simple service. Simple questions. Simple answers.

Read the answers to some frequently asked question about AeroStatus.

Why do I have to select the country of my mobile operator?

Since there are no mobile operators which have agreements with all other operators in all countries, we have to use several specially selected access numbers.
By specifying your country, we are able to provide you with the access number that is most local and efficient.
This allows us to provide service to virtually any mobile phone user in any country, even in the most remote locations.

Do I have to use a different AeroStatus number when traveling outside my country?

No. You may send flight status requests to the same number regardless of your location, from anywhere in the world.

Do you have a local AeroStatus number for my country?

We will consider adding a local number for countries from which we receive a lot of flight status requests.

Will AeroStatus be available in more languages?

We will definitely consider adding more languages if we receive sufficient such requests from AeroStatus users.

Why don’t you make all the requests to come with automatic updates by default, since it is an extremely convenient feature?

It is indeed convenient. However, some mobile phone operators charge their customers for received messages. That’s why AeroStatus lets users to decide by themselves how many messages they want to receive in response to their request.

Who can use it?

AeroStatus can be used by anybody with a mobile phone capable of sending and receiving a simple text message (SMS) or email.

How do I receive the information?

The information is delivered by means of a text message or email depending on how the request was sent.

How do I know it’s accurate?

Since AeroStatus constantly updates the information about flights from around the world, you receive notices in real-time, so the information is always accurate and up-to-date.

Do I have to speak English?

No. Since the flight status information is provided in multiple languages, you can select the language which you prefer.

Does it cost me money?

No. AeroStatus is provided free of charge. The only costs users incur are those of sending and receiving a standard text message. AeroStatus does not use any premium numbers or high-rate text messages.

How are you able to provide the service for free? Is there a catch?

There is no catch! All AeroStatus expenses are covered by paid advertising placed in the beginning of each message.

Do I have to select my preferred language every time I want to send a flight status request?

No. You need to send your language selection just once. Next time you send us a flight status request we will recognise you and deliver the information in the language you selected.

Do you provide flight timetable information?

No, currently we do not but are planning to provide such information in the future.

Is AeroStatus complicated?

AeroStatus is extremely simple to use. Anybody who knows how to send a simple text message (SMS) or email with the flight number can use AeroStatus.