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Advertising through AeroStatus will uniquely increase your brand’s exposure – locally or globally – to a highly attractive audience.

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There are numerous reasons why advertising with AeroStatus is extremely effective:

  • AeroStatus operates globally, allowing you to reach your target audience worldwide
  • text messaging (SMS) is the most cost-effective solution of a direct and personal approach to your target audience
  • the costing system is such that you only pay for the messages which are specifically requested by the user
  • your advertisement appears at the beginning of the message, thus guaranteeing maximum exposure
  • the users of AeroStatus are individuals characterised by a higher-than-average spend per person
  • AeroStatus is a smart and simple solution that satisfies an urgent need of the user
  • users will readily recommend the service through word of mouth, thus exponentially increasing the client base
  • unlike most other mobile advertising solutions, AeroStatus is in no way associated with spam. Every message that is delivered is eagerly awaited and viewed
  • AeroStatus limits the number of advertisers, so your brand is highly noticeable and memorable
  • AeroStatus offers a variety of advertising packages to best suit your particular requirements:
    • global coverage
    • coverage of specific countries or regions
    • coverage of specific language
    • customised solutions.

Whether you have decided that advertising with AeroStatus is for you, or you simply have a question, please contact us for additional information.