Request flight status

To request information, please send the flight number including all letters and digits (example: XYZ123)

by email message to:

The right information – right where you need it.

Wherever your travels take you, AeroStatus keeps you connected to a world of real-time flight information.

AeroStatus is the global leader in delivering the most accurate real-time flight status information to mobile phones using text messages (SMS) or email. Using innovative technologies and new methods for processing flight data, AeroStatus is unrivalled in its ability to provide a single, accurate source of flight information anywhere in the world.

There are a number of features that make the AeroStatus service unique:

  • the service works anywhere in the world
  • it can be used by anybody with a mobile phone capable of sending and receiving a text message (SMS) or email
  • the service is available in various languages
  • AeroStatus is provided free of charge to all its users. The only costs incurred by the users are the regular operator charges for sending and receiving a simple text message (SMS). The service does not use any premium numbers or high-rate text messages
  • there is just one number to remember
  • AeroStatus is extremely simple to use. Anybody who knows how to send a simple text message (SMS) or email can use AeroStatus
  • information is provided about virtually any flight in the world. AeroStatus constantly monitors flights connecting thousands of airports around the world
  • only one request needs to be sent to AeroStatus to receive automatic flight status alerts.

AeroStatus provides the following flight information:

  • location of origin (and airport code)
  • location of destination (and airport code)
  • scheduled departure time
  • scheduled arrival time
  • gate Number (when available)
  • any delays and their duration
  • expected departure time
  • expected arrival time
  • confirmed time of departure
  • confirmed time of arrival.

The information provided is that which is relevant at the time of the request. In the case of a multi-segment flight, only the information about the current segment will be provided.

AeroStatus obtains its information about the status of flights from various external sources.

As such, AeroStatus will not be held responsible in the event of inaccuracies in, or a lack of, whether wholly or in part, the provided information.

Any information provided by AeroStatus is therefore used at your own risk.