Request flight status

To request information, please send the flight number including all letters and digits (example: XYZ123)

by email message to:

AeroStatus news

January 08, 2010
Meet us at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2010 (more info).
January 05, 2009
The AeroStatus website has been updated with information about language selection and requesting the flight status for future flights.
November 03, 2008
AeroStatus is testing delivery of flight status information in non-latin alphabet languages.

Any Time. Any Place. Any Flight.

AeroStatus delivers instant flight status information to your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Looking for flight information?

Just send a text message with the flight number to AeroStatus, sit back and relax.

We will deliver the current flight status information right to your mobile phone – instantly and free.*

You can choose to have automatic alerts about flight status changes sent to you:

  • if there is a delay in the departure of the flight, you will receive an update with the new departure time
  • as soon as the flight departs, you will receive a message confirming the time of departure and the estimated time of arrival
  • once the flight arrives, you will receive the final update, confirming the time it landed.

Stop guessing about delays.

Forget about searching for internet access to check the flight time.

Stop looking for a phone number to call the airline or airport.

Don’t spend your life waiting for a customer support operator.

Stop wasting your time and money.

With AeroStatus, you can get information about any flight, any time, from all over the world, in your preferred language, instantly. And it’s free.*

Meeting a family member or business colleague?

Need to know what time the plane took off, whether there are any delays, or what the estimated time of arrival is?

Now you have AeroStatus – your amazingly simple, one-stop, ultimate solution.

Just one number for you to remember – for the rest of your life.

And it doesn’t cost anything.

Isn’t that nice?

* AeroStatus is completely free. Not “almost free”, not “kind of free”. Totally free. Zero pence, zero cents, zero rupees. It doesn’t cost you anything other than the regular cost charged by your mobile operator for sending and receiving a standard text message (SMS) or Internet access (if you use email). The AeroStatus number is not a premium-rate number.